Thermal spray equipment auctions

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Thermal spray companies everywhere have always attempted to lower the cost of their capital equipment budgets even in good economic times. Now that the global economy is in a downturn, thermal spray shops are even more sensitive to excessive capital spending for thermal spray equipment such as thermal spray robots, thermal spray booths and dust collectors, turntables, thermal spray consoles and such. One of the ways in which capital equipment costs can be lowered is by purchasing such used thermal spray equipment from auctions. In this brief article, we will address some of the basics involved in purchasing used thermal spray equipment from auctions and the general terms and conditions that are usually imposed upon by the auction houses.

The general underlying rule in purchasing used thermal spray equipment from auctions is that the equipment is usually sold as is without warranties and guarantees of any kind either expressed or implied. This means that you are purchasing the piece of equipment as is without actually witnessing the operability of the machinery. While this seems like a dangerous practice, namely purchasing something without seeing it in service, there are simple clues that will separate the real problem equipment from the reasonable ones. The original manufacture date, the number of hours clocked in the console, the general visual appearance, the source of the equipment, etc can give quite a bit of information that can be deduced regarding the abuse that the machinery has seen in its past life.

To give some examples, an integrated thermal spray coating system that has clocked in under a hundred hours in a government research laboratory or a university research center has probably been well taken care of as opposed to an integrated system that is in an auction house that came from a high volume thermal spray job shop production facility that has over twenty years of service exposed. Turntables that are loaded with over spray material everywhere with beat up looking cables are not to be your first choice to purchase regardless of the bidding level involved. Thus common sense and an educated evaluation are important to be considered.

Prior to going to these thermal spray equipment auctions, know your budget limit. Auctions can sometimes be high pressure scenarios and that is understandable since the agenda of the auctioneer is to get rid of the piece of equipment as quick as possible and hence auctioneers speak very fast and sometimes in great musical rhythm and if you are not mentally prepared and tempered to walk away at the appropriate time, you can end up spending a lot more than what you bargained for. Hence mental preparation as far as budgets and financial limits is extremely important.

Payments for the equipment successfully bid upon fall usually only into three categories. These are cash, company check or wire transfer. Auction houses are usually extremely strict when it comes to payment practices and will not tolerate the playing of games as far as payment practices. Check with the auctioneer in advance as to if there are any buyers premiums in effect, which are usual, and if so, what is the buyers premium rate.

And lastly, rigging and removal of the equipment is almost always the responsibility of the purchaser. Ensure that if you are using an outside rigger or transporter, that they have sufficient insurance certificates and demand that you get a copy of their insurance papers. This is essential because any damage or injury that occurs due to negligence on the part of your hired rigger may end up on your lap and you want to ensure that you are well protected. Thus purchasing used thermal spray equipment from auctions can bring you good deals, but you need to be aware of the necessary precautions that need to be taken up front.

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