Thermal Spray Business Success

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Success in the thermal spray business involves four main ingredients. These are excellence in thermal spray sales, excellence in thermal spray product quality, excellence in customer service and excellence in business sense. While the first three aspects deal with the thermal spray industry in particular, the last item deals with business in general. After all, without a strong business sense, you cannot operate any business successfully including the thermal spray business. In this blog, we will deal only with the business aspects of thermal spray coatings. That in mind, while we may occassionally deal with engineering, quality, thermal spray research and the like, those will not be the particular points of interest herein. There are other places where those are dealt with.

There are a large number of thermal spray coatings houses in the United States, Europe and Japan. However, China and India are very busy currently putting up thermal spray shops all over. Needless to say, there is a big demand for these surface coatings as these countries manufacture more and more products that require surface enhancement. Additionally, as these countries start putting up more and more industries such as pulp and paper, printing and other industies with components that wear out, thermal spray refurbishment needs rise simultaneously. We will also explore these emerging thermal spray markets and see how one could capitalize on their growth and prosperity. Remember, the goal is to grow and prosper together and not at the expense of each other.

I believe these are exciting times to be involved in the thermal spray industry. Let us share our thoughts through this humble blog!

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1 comment:

Gregory said...

i have a question since you sound very knowledgeable on the subject of cold spray/thermal spray technology. Im doing research for my undergrad project but can find any numbers..can you tell me what teh avg costs for machinery is?? is it $75,000?? $300,000?? $1.2million?? just estimate would be fine..

what about average usage life of machinery?

any info or direction on where to find it would be very helpful.