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As you may have noticed, this relatively newer site deals with the business aspects of thermal spray coatings. We deal here with the basic premise that thermal spray coatings companies, just like other businesses have to generate a profit at the end of the day. We deal here with thermal spray powders costing, quality costs, cost of re-work and so on. The thermal spray coatings industry may be a niche field in the area of surface engineering and surface treatments, nevertheless the principles of business have to be fundamentally applied to them even though there might be some tweaking needed to suit it specifically.

However, there are those of you that might be leaning more towards the day to day thermal spray coatings operations that deal with thermal spray coatings quality, microstructural problems, oxides control and so on. There might be some readers that are more interested in thermal spray testing such as metallography, tensile testing and so on. For such folks, there is an older blog I author and that is called which has been around a little while longer.

In that blog, I deal with more of the non-business aspects of thermal spray coatings, including some articles on thermal spray engineering, quality, plant layout and so on. And you are invited to visit anytime you want and get your dose of surface treatment euphoria from someone other than your colleagues and co-workers. The beauty of both of these blogs, I believe is the fact that I endorse no one company more so than the other. In fact, as you read you will find that I endorse nobody as a preferred supplier by name. Of course there are some qualities in some suppliers that make them superior to those that lack it. For example, a thermal spray shop that has no powder release system is definitely one that I would not endorse.

Additionally, I believe a casual discussion of both the technical and business aspects of the thermal spray industry is what I have sought to accomplish. And so there you are, Cheers!

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