Finding thermal spray jobs in any economy

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Thermal spray coatings engineers are finding themselves in a precarious situation nowadays considering the global downturn in the economy. Companies everywhere are downsizing and eliminating thousands of jobs and the thermal spray coatings industry is not immune to this sad phenomenon, leaving thermal spray engineers wondering if their jobs would be the next in line for elimination. While that may be the case for a few lucky ones, many thermal spray engineers are already unemployed and are actively seeking new employment. In this article, we will briefly explore the traits that you need to develop quickly so you can find thermal spray employment quickly in any economy including at times of recession as the current time indicates.

The first tip involves learning all of the thermal spray specifications by heart and keep them in your memory. The ability to be able to rattle off specification levels of hardness, micro-structure, porosity levels, oxide levels and such as are required by various specifications quickly without having to dig through mounds of specifications impresses those interviewers that you have to have on your side more than any other aspect. While this may sound to be too much to do, that is what differentiates you from the other candidates. The power of memorizing these specifications cannot be underestimated.

The second tip involves making a note of all of the thermal spray techniques that you have instituted that has caused an increase in productivity and parts throughput at your previous place of employment. Employers everywhere, especially now, are looking to produce product as fast as they can with as little as they can and productivity improvements that you may have engineered are a key to quickly finding new employment. Add to this some level of training and expertise in sales and marketing skills and you will have yourself an impressive resume.

The third tip involves networking. Most thermal spray coatings jobs are not advertised and the ones that do get advertised get overloaded with applications from lots and lots of people. Networking involves communicating with fellow thermal spray coatings colleagues in different companies and writing and talking with them even if your position has not been eliminated. Make sure during networking though, that you do not reveal proprietary secrets of your current employer as that is considered a violation of most company policies. However, being a part of the networking events hosted by reputable organizations like the International thermal spray association, the American welding society and such are very much a part of the jobs search that will bear fruitful results when needed.

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